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Acupuncture Cosmetology

Acupuncture Cosmetology

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ISBN 9787532389087
Publisher Shanghai Scientific and Technological Publishers
Publication Date First publiched 2007
Pages 319 pages, paperback
Product Dimensions 8 x 0.5 x 5.5 inches
Language Chinese, English




Chinese-English Edition of Acupuncture Cosmetology
Chief Compliers Zheng Mei-feng
Chief Translator Han Chou-ping
Published by Shanghai Scientific and Technological Publishers, 2007
Format: Paperback, 319 pages, 8 x 5.5 inches
ISBN: 9787532389087

Synopsis of Contents

Based on the holistic view of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture cosmetology acts to bring all active factors of the human body into play. It is easy, safe and reliable with remarkable effects but without adverse reactions, and therefore it provides an effective means for human cosmetology.

This book consists of three parts. The first part contains the basic theory, the outlines, anatomy basis, common acupoints and common methods of acupuncture cosmetology. The common methods include body needles, auricular needles, three-edged needle, dermal needle, fire needle, electric acupuncture, catgut implantation on acupoints, acupoint injection, moxibustion and cupping. The second part is the treatment and acupuncture health-preservation cosmetology involving dermatology, ENT and other beauty-impairing conditions. The third part collects typical case reports of acupuncture cosmetology.

With rich contents and easy-to-understand words, this book can serve as a good reference book for clinicians, medical students, international students and beauty salon workers as well as those who are interested in facial beautification.

Part 1 The Basic of Acupuncture Cosmetology.
Chapter 1 The outline of acupuncture cosmetology.
Chapter 2 The anatomy basis of acupuncture cosmetology.
Chapter 3 The action mechanism of acupuncture cosmetology.
Chapter 4 The common acupoints for acupuncture cosmetology.
Chapter 5 The principle on acupoint selection & combination of acupuncture cosmetology.
Chapter 6 The common methods of acupuncture cosmetology.
Part 2 The Treatment of Acupuncture Cosmetology
Chapter 7 The acupuncture cosmetology for dermatology conditions.
Chapter 8 The acupuncture cosmetology for ENT conditions.
Chapter 9 The acupuncture cosmetology for other beauty-impairing conditions.
Part 3 The Typical Case Reports of Acupuncture Cosmetology
Chapter 10 The typical case reports of dermatology condition.
Chapter 11 The typical case reports of ENT conditions.
Chapter 12 The Typical case reports of other beauty-impairing conditions.

【作 者】主编郑美凤 主译韩丑萍
【出 版 社】 上海科学技术出版社
【书 号】 9787532389087
【出版日期】 2007年9月第1版
【开 本】 32开 平装
【页 码】 319
【版 次】1-1




上篇 针灸美容基础理论
第一章 针灸美容的概述
第二章 针灸美容的解剖学基础
第一节 针灸美容与经络的关系
第二节 针灸美容与腧穴的关系
第三节 针灸美容与皮肤皮部经筋的关系
第三章 针灸美容的作用原理
第四章 针灸美容的常用穴位
第一节 具有分部作用的穴位
第二节 具有循经远治作用的穴位
第三节 具有整体调整作用的穴位
第五章 针灸美容的取穴配穴原则
第一节 局部取穴
第二节 循经取穴
第三节 辨证取穴
第四节 经验取穴
第六章 针灸美容的常用方法
第一节 针刺美容
第二节 灸法美容
第三节 耳针美容

第四节 拔罐美容
第五节 三棱针美容
第六节 皮肤针美容
第七节 皮内针美容
第八节 火针美容
第九节 穴位注射美容
第十节 穴位激光美容针灸美容治疗
第七章 皮肤科病症的针灸美容
第一节 黄褐斑
第二节 痤疮
第三节 雀斑
第四节 扁平疣
第五节 神经性皮炎
第八章 五官科病症的针灸美容
第九章 其他损美性病症的针灸美容
下篇 针灸美容典型验案
第十章 皮肤科病症的典型验案
第十一章 五官科病症的典型验案
第十二章 其他损美性凄美睥典型验案



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